As it was clearly known and agreed upon by everyone, Covid-19 is one of the most painful as well as disastrous things that we have dealt with throughout our lives. Yet what is not known nor agreed upon by everyone, were the individual experiences and struggles that people had to…

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Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started, there has been a great sense of irony present in society in relation to the everyday lives that people followed before the pandemic was even a thing. This irony is based on the cleanliness and level of personal hygiene that people held and lived…

I really enjoyed reading your story! You did a really good job at making the story feel as if one is experiencing it in the moment. I am surprised that your community wasn't affect all that much even though you live in New York, as I also live there yet we had strict guidelines put in place! I was in one of those areas that you would hear of the cases increasing by hundreds each and every day, hoping that the next is not someone who you are close with. My question for you is, How have you recovered from dealing with the virus yourself? Has it been difficult to get back to normal every day life or was it easy for you?

Christian Hrubes

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