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Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started, many people have implemented new systems into their daily lifestyles whether it be wearing gloves to go shopping, allowing for limited guests in their homes, to even having their shopping be completed for them by another person for a small fee. While some of these systems may seem ridiculous, others now find them to be necessary to live without fear of being infected with the virus. Throughout my own personal experience when living through the Covid-19 pandemic, my family as well as myself have implemented new systems into our lifestyles, and while some are required by law, others were made by our own choice.

At the beginning of the pandemic, before it became a mandated law, my family had decided to wear masks and gloves to protect ourselves from potentially becoming infected with Covid-19. Soon after my family had started wearing masks, it was mandated by the governor that everyone wear a mask no matter where you are or what situation you are in, it was required by the law. This was one of the many systems that we became accustomed to following, another being that after returning from any store, we wiped down our items with lysol wipes to ensure that we did not accidentally bring anything into our house, something that we still do to this day well over a year after the pandemic started. Yet another system that I personally have implemented into my work life is ensuring that people wear their masks correctly when shopping around the store I work in, and while it may seem unbelievable that over a year into a pandemic and people still do not wear their masks correctly, it does in fact happen. To ensure the safety of myself, my coworkers, and others in the store, it is almost natural to ask a shopper to fix their mask, and during the height of the pandemic, this was something that I felt I needed to do. Some people have not implemented systems like the ones that my family and I have into our lives, and there are people who are more serious about being safe then we were, but one thing is for certain, and that is these systems are here to stay for an extremely long time, without any sign of going away.




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