A Changed World

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Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started, there has been a great sense of irony present in society in relation to the everyday lives that people followed before the pandemic was even a thing. This irony is based on the cleanliness and level of personal hygiene that people held and lived by for years until Covid-19 came into everyone’s lives. Before the pandemic, people would openly cough and sneeze into the public when they were sick, with no care of possibly getting another person sick, they did whatever they wanted to do. Since the pandemic, no only are people mindful of their colds that result in a cough or sneeze which they keep to themselves by covering their mouth and nose, they also stay home if they are sick to prevent others from catching their cold. People also now wear masks to further prevent their germs from getting onto another person, not just because they are mandated, but also because it serves as a courtesy to protect themselves as well as others. Hand sanitizer is used as if it is water as people have abundances of it in their homes, Lysol wipes and sprays are used to clean off public services, and even people wear masks when working in restaurants, something that was never done before.

After looking at life before and after the pandemic, I personally have noticed how life has drastically changed for the better, yet at the same time I have also noticed how unsanitary and disgusting our world was before Covid-19 became what it is today. It took society far too long to realize how unsanitary of a life we live, and this is just the beginning of making sure that we do not make the same mistakes that we made in the past as another pandemic would absolutely destroy the economy and our world to a point of no return.




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Christian Hrubes

Christian Hrubes

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