Interview Two: Lauren Quinn

The second interview I conducted was done with my coworker, Lauren Quinn. She currently is a full time student, a special needs teacher, as well as a part time grocery store worker, who had many stressors throughout the past year. This interview was done to get a better insight into how Covid had affected a students ability to participate in school while being fully remote.

Christian: Alright Lauren, thank you for meeting with me today, if you don’t mind, lets get started.

Lauren: Yes, lets get started, we both have to work soon!

C: So, How did the initial outbreak affect your schooling?

L:Being shifted from in person to online was hard. It was difficult to have to transition and get used to lecture and assignments being online. Technology also had its issues.

C:While attending school online, had it been more difficult to stay focused in class since not all professors required students to turn on cameras as well as microphones?

L:As someone who is diagnosed with ADD, being home and online for school was a lot more of a challenge. I didn’t have to really be “present”. I found myself wandering away from the computer, falling asleep, things I would never do in real class.

C:Has it become more difficult to complete assignments while in the comfort of your own home when compared to having just a dorm room?

L:I’ve always lived at home but found it easier to do my work in the library on campus, but since Covid making campus inaccessible, getting work done at home was hard.

C:Okay, so has communication with professors become more difficult as a result of zoom? Are professors more or less willing to help even though you can only seen them and interact with them through a camera?

L:My professors made themselves available via email and zoom whenever needed so it was helpful in that aspect

C:Has going online affected your ability to graduate? If so, in what ways has it affected your ability to graduate? If not, what suggestions do you have for other students struggling with online classes?

L: It did not affect my graduation, but I would tell people to hang in there. Make a plan, and just try to grind it out the best you can. Definitely ask for help when needed.

C: Alright, we’re almost done, do you prefer online schooling or in person classes? If so, why?

L:I prefer in person classes. I need to be in the classroom setting as I learn better that way. I also need that social interaction piece of my day as well.

C: And lastly, how has full online schooling affected you mentally? Did you experience any sudden changes in mental health or outlook on life? Or did everything stay the same for you?

L:I was very unhappy, I struggled a lot with assignments and paying attention in class. I need to physically be present and be in the presence of my peers and professors. I lacked a lot of drive towards my work that I usually have.

C: Alright thank you so much for your time!

L: Anytime! Now for work!